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     Photography after 1920


Australian :: Photographs after 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   And in the Garden

   City-spaces # 1

   City-spaces # 21

   City-spaces # 28 (John Williams)

   City-spaces # 29 (Ingeborg Tyssen)

   City-spaces # 39A (statues)

   City-spaces # 45 (Glen Osmond Rd)

   City-spaces # 48B (self/other)

   City-spaces # 49A (Grote Street)

   City-spaces # 64 (street view # 14)

   City-spaces # 68 (street view # 18)

   Dream for an image

   French image

   Gael (a)

   Gael (b)

   In the House

   Lady with her promiscuous friend

   Made mountain

   Made mountain

   Made mountain

   Made Mountain 1982

   Metaphor for a Dada Song

   Metaphor for Oedipus

   Metaphor to a Mexican Memory

   One hundred and eight intersections before passing and one woman past

   Rachel ascending towards the mountain

   Self portrait after life

   Self portrait with Taurus-Ego Figure

   Verandah composition A

   Verandah composition B