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     Photography after 1920


Australian :: Photographs after 1920    Gordon Darling

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   'B', nude, Darlinghurst

   'B', nude, Darlinghurst

   Aboriginal woman grieving at funeral Cherbourg

   Anzac Memorial damaged after storm, Brighton, Adelaide

   Blind woman, Empire State Building, New York

   Bob Hawke, ACTU leader, Newcastle Civic Centre

   Charles Perkins going home from University

   Clown visiting children at Vauxhall housing estate, London

   Covent Garden, London

   Geoffrey Rush in 'Diary of a Madman', Nimrod Theatre

   Happening, Centennial Park, Sydney

   Judy Davis relaxing on the set of 'Heatwave' directed by Phillip Noyce

   Richard Walsh, editor at the Hunter Street offices of Oz magazine

   Robyn Archer in 'Tonight - Lola Blau'

   Women waiting at an Adelaide bus stop

   Young boy watching Anzac Day parade in Market Street, Sydney