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     Photography after 1920


Australian :: Photographs after 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

PAM, Max

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   56 ? Cadillac, London

   Afternoon tea with shepherds at Ram Singh's Keylong, 12,000

   American hunters on the Cingtzi Plain, hunting Marco Polo sheep

   Bamiyam - Afghanistan, 10,000

   Barry in Assam Jungle

   Beautiful young boy begging, Mahabalipuram

   Beginning of the Hindu Kush in the distance with camels running in front of a sandstorm

   Cholla Dynasty Lighthouse, Mahabalipuram

   Footpath drawing in front of the Catholic Building, Madras

   Footpath in front of the 'Daily Express' - Fleet Street

   Hand selling jugs of water, Calcutta

   Himalayan rooster, Manali

   Himalayan temple near Kulu

   Hindu Kush and Koh-i-Baba Range, Afghanistan

   Horse on the way to Kashmir border - near Sarchu and house of Russian hermit

   Hot spring bath early in the morning

   Ladakhi girl, Kashmiri truck

   Legs of Nepalese road repairer on Rothang Pass

   Legs of small boy at Tikse 12,000

   Man in white pokhara

   Man of Manali

   N.E. Himalayan morning, Tonghu, 12000

   Nepalese road repairer on the Rothang Pass, 12000

   Patseo Meadow, 12,000 feet

   Reception for Dalai Lama's tutor, Manali

   Rinzing Lama and his drinking friend - Meru, Ladakh 14000

   Sadhu and his tree

   Self portrait under sodium vapour lamp, Melbourne

   Shepherd and tranny going to the uplands for summer

   Small temple behind Swayambhu, Katmandu

   The road near Keylong, 12,000

   Tibetan nomads on the Chang Chu Thang

   Truck load of rent-a-crowd political agitators near Manali

   Young donkey grazing in marihuana bushes, Manali