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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

BENTLEY, William

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   Crayon portrait of woman with curls

   Funeral portrait

   Portrait of child in embroidered smock

   Portrait of gentleman in check suit

   Portrait of little boy beside chair

   Portrait of little boy beside chair

   Portrait of little girl dressed in black

   Portrait of Miss Simpson holding basket and flowers

   Portrait of Miss Simpson holding basket of flowers

   Portrait of two children in cane pram

   Portrait of William Bentley and wife

   Portrait of woman in black dress against plINTH

   Portrait of woman with two children

   Portrait of woman, ribbon detail on dress

   Portrait of young family

   Portrait of young girl in check dress

   Portrait of young lady beside flowers

   Portrait of young mother and children

   Portrait of young woman against plinth

   Portrait of young woman wearing pendant, hands folded upon chair back

   Portrait of young woman, hand atop chair

   Studio portrait of two persons in black

   Studio portrait of young boy leaning against chaise, hand in pocket

   Studio portrait of young girl leaning against chaise, holding doll

   Studio portrait of young man in front of painted background of stairs and garden

   Studio portrait of young man with dog at feet

   Vignette portrait of gentleman wearing patterned tie