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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Crayon portrait of a bearded man

   Crayon portrait of a gentleman

   Crayon portrait of black-bearded man

   Crayon portrait of gentleman in double breasted coat

   Crayon portrait of older gentleman

   Crayon portrait of robed man

   Portrait of a gentleman at small desk

   Portrait of a gentleman, sitting

   Portrait of a woman with black headpiece

   Portrait of dark haired woman, hand on plinth

   Portrait of heavily bearded man

   Portrait of man in profile

   Portrait of seated gentleman wearing check pants

   Portrait of two gentlemen

   Portrait of woman in white bonnet

   Portrait of woman standing, with seated gentleman

   Portrait of young girl in white skirt, holding hat

   Portrait of young man, ink and quill on table

   Portrait of young woman with full skirt and black coat

   Studio portrait of pregnant woman and seated man

   Studio portrait of two boys in front of painted background

   Studio portrait of woman beside pedestal and urn, in front of painted background

   Two deer fighting

   Young boy beside table, his hand resting on a book