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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

DIEDERICH, attributed to Edmund

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   Curve of road in foreground, white gate and pines in distance

   Diederich and unidentified gentleman outside of portrait studio

   Figures gathered at stone and thatch buildings

   Figures gathered at T. Grevill Store and Post Office

   Five men at front of hall, bicycles against facade at left

   Foot bridge and willow tree at right, church at left in distance

   Gawler street parade

   Gawler street parade

   Group gathered at church, eucalypt trees at right

   Group gathered at verandah of brick cottage, pine tree at left

   Group gathered by timber slab cottage

   Group gathered on verandah of double storey house

   Group of workmen

   Group portrait of foundry workers?

   Group portrait of the Marchant children

   Large group gathered in front of church

   Large group gathered in front of church

   Large stone building, people with cars grouped at entrance

   Man with motorcycle at side

   Men and women gathered at rail and tunnel

   Men in worksite, wheel at left

   Men with machinery, screen of trees at rear

   Mining site, group of buildings at left

   Portrait of bearded gentleman, hat laid at side, screen of eucalypt leaves at rear

   Portrait of gentleman standing in doorway

   Portrait of Thomas Cooper?

   Portrait of two babies in small carriage

   Post and Telegraph Office

   Post Office

   Post Office

   Road leading to church, eucalypt at right

   Road lined with wooden fence palings, sprawling eucalypt in foreground, pine forest in distance

   Studio portrait of seated woman, book in hand

   Studio portrait of small boy beisde motorcycle

   Studio portrait of two cyclists, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Studio portrait of young cyclist

   Three figures in car next to Post Office

   Three men at table playing cards

   Two figures standing on either side of path to small cottage

   View of Catholic church, Clare

   View of Clare

   View of Methodist church and lecture hall

   View of rural township

   Vineyard, mills in distance

   Woman beside group of flowering plants

   Workmen gathered at rail and tunnel

   Young woman with grammophone in ivy covered arbour