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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

HOOD, John

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   Crayon portrait of a cat

   Opposite Cathedral, North Adelaide

   Portrait of baby in white gown

   Portrait of child holding miniature spade

   Portrait of Ernest Alfred, aged sixteen

   Portrait of four children, all with bobble hats

   Portrait of gentleman, face toward light

   Portrait of gentleman, hands clasped

   Portrait of Henry George Davidson?

   Portrait of Jane Marianne Limbert

   Portrait of little boy, hand under chin

   Portrait of little boy, hands folded across chest

   Portrait of little girl wearing fur hat and cape

   Portrait of Margaret Hope

   Portrait of Nellie Magarey

   Portrait of unknown young woman, face toward light

   Portrait of woman wearing white headpiece

   Portrait of woman with headpiece, face toward light

   Portrait of young girl with lace collar

   Portrait of young man wearing double-breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man, arms folded

   Portrait of young woman with lace collar, face toward light

   Portrait of young women, gaze directed toward light

   Sir Thomas Elder

   Studio portrait of Florence E. Walker

   Vignette portrait of bearded gentleman, facing right

   Vignette portrait of gentleman with ribbon tie

   Vignette portrait of small child with black detailing