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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   I am no robber but a cavalier

   Portrait of a woman, hand on cheek and with open book

   Portrait of a baby wearing black embroidered smock with white ribbons at shoulders

   Portrait of a baby wearing black smock

   Portrait of a gentleman wearing striped waistcoat and trousers

   Portrait of a man with two children

   Portrait of a woman leaning against chaise longue

   Portrait of a woman wearing black dress with fringing

   Portrait of a woman wearing black velvet dress

   Portrait of a woman wearing bracelet and button-up sleeves

   Portrait of a woman wearing Garibaldi jacket

   Portrait of a woman wearing pale dress with lace collar

   Portrait of a woman wearing pearl necklace

   Portrait of a woman with two little girls

   Portrait of a woman, arm resting on side table

   Portrait of a woman, both hands resting on chair back

   Portrait of a young woman, one hand atop book, the other at her side

   Portrait of baby in black

   Portrait of baby wearing embroidered smock with ribbons at shoulders

   Portrait of bearded gentleman wearing double breasted jacket

   Portrait of boy with book and girl with posy

   Portrait of gentleman in uniform

   Portrait of girl wearing black vest with lace edging

   Portrait of heavily bearded gentleman with legs crossed

   Portrait of man and woman, two pot plants at side

   Portrait of seated woman wearing lace collar

   Portrait of two women

   Portrait of woman, hands resting on chair back

   Portrait of woman, seated, and boy wearing single breasted jacket

   Portrait of young boy wearing double breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man wearing double breasted frock coat

   Portrait of young woman

   Portrait of young woman, arms folded across chest

   Portrait of young woman, hands folded on lap