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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Aboriginal man holding a club and shield, South Australia

   Benevolent Asylum, Melbourne

   Botanic Garden, Adelaide (pathway, lake and aviary)

   Botanic Garden, Adelaide (pathway, lake and aviary)

   Botanic Gardens, Adelaide (3-tiered structure over covered walkway)

   Collins Street, Melbourne

   Crayon portrait of bearded gentleman

   Crayon portrait of bearded gentleman

   Crayon portrait of bearded gentleman facing left

   Crayon portrait of gentleman wearing black neck tie

   Crayon portrait of woman beside plant, elbow resting atop book

   Crayon portrait of woman wearing check neck scarf

   Crayon portrait of woman wearing ringlets in hair

   Crayon portrait of young man wearing spotted tie

   Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Melbourne

   Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

   General Post Office, Adelaide

   General Post Office, King William Street

   Museum interior, Melbourne

   Parliament House, Melbourne

   Photograph album: Adelaide and its environs


   Portrait of a Reverend

   Portrait of bearded gentleman wearing plaid waistcoat

   Portrait of couple, woman with child

   Portrait of gentleman beside horse statuette

   Portrait of gentleman wearing patterned neck tie

   Portrait of gentleman with cane, wearing hat

   Portrait of gentleman, arm resting on side table with restoration-style spiral legs

   Portrait of gentleman, hand in pocket

   Portrait of seated gentleman, curtain at side

   Portrait of three bearded men, one seated

   Portrait of woman and three children

   Portrait of woman beside pot plant

   Portrait of woman wearing black and white dress, holding book

   Portrait of woman wearing bonnet and lace collar

   Portrait of woman wearing white necklace with crucifix

   Portrait of woman wearing white, tiered dress

   Portrait of woman, seated, wearing bonnet and gloves

   Portrait of young gentleman wearing plain wool coat, facing left

   Portrait of young man at writing desk

   Portrait of young man facing right

   Portrait of young man wearing double breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man wearing single breasted jacket and black neck tie

   Portrait of young woman against ivy

   Portrait of young woman against ivy, holding small posy

   Portrait of young woman standing behind Restoration style chair

   Portrait of young woman with open book

   Portrait of young woman, hand resting on cheek

   Portrait of young woman, posy in hand

   Portrait of young woman, scalloped frill on dress

   Post Office, Melbourne (photo of very accurate drawing)

   Public library, Melbourne

   Scotch Church, Collins Street, Melbourne

   Studio portrait of man beside pedestal and statue of horse

   Studio portrait of man seated on fence, foot resting on stool, vines and painted background

   Studio portrait of standing bride with seated groom

   Studio portrait of standing woman and seated man, with vase of flowers

   Vignette portrait of baby in long white dress

   Vignette portrait of young man facing right

   Vignette portrait of young man facing right

   Yarra River, Melbourne