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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

NIXON, Stephen Edward

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   A wedding portrait

   A wedding portrait

   Buildings, Kapunda

   Court house and police station, Angaston

   Crayon portrait of heavily bearded man

   Group portrait of three men

   Johnston's Draper and Clothier

   Kadina telegraph station?

   Large party crossing new bridge over the River Light

   Portrait of a gentleman, hand resting on plinth

   Portrait of a residence, gentleman at stair

   Portrait of bearded gentleman, book in hand

   Portrait of child upon furskin rug, leaves held in hand

   Portrait of child with small basket in hand, toy horses in foreground

   Portrait of child, dog at side upon chaise longue

   Portrait of couple with small child

   Portrait of couple, woman with book

   Portrait of couple: man seated, woman standing

   Portrait of gentleman in frock coat, arm resting on plinth

   Portrait of gentleman minus arm

   Portrait of gentleman with gold detailing

   Portrait of gentleman with moustache, wearing tweed jacket

   Portrait of Harold Thomas Sly

   Portrait of little boy, hat at side

   Portrait of little girl wearing tiered dress and dark boots

   Portrait of man and woman, both seated

   Portrait of Reverend Father Byrne?

   Portrait of Sarah Partridge

   Portrait of Sarah Partridge

   Portrait of seated woman, gentleman with arm on plinth at side

   Portrait of Stephen and Mary Ann Nixon

   Portrait of Stephen Nixon, hat in hand

   Portrait of two children holding hands

   Portrait of two young women wearing flowers in hair

   Portrait of woman holding hat, arm resting on chair

   Portrait of woman in plaid skirt, man in dark frock coat

   Portrait of woman wearing black bonnet, hands resting on chair back

   Portrait of woman wearing cape and holding flower

   Portrait of woman with umbrella, seated man at side

   Portrait of woman, pepper tree leaves in hand, seated gentleman at side

   Portrait of young boy with buttonhole, hands on knees

   Portrait of young man wearing double breasted jacket

   Portrait of young man wearing hat, hand on hip

   Portrait of young woman beside bay bale

   Portrait of young woman beside column and urn

   Portrait of young woman in riding costume

   Portrait of young woman wearing lace collar, striped belt with hand atop book

   Portrait of young woman wearing white fichu, flower in hand

   Portrait of young woman, arm resting on book and plinth

   Portrait of young woman, book in hand

   Stephen Nixon's wedding portrait

   Stephen Nixon's wedding portrait

   Studio portrait of seated woman holding photo album

   Studio portrait of standing man, with dog begging on chair

   Tombstone of Mary Hartican

   Two women seated in garden

   View of Angaston?

   View of Eudunda

   View of S.E. Nixon's Kapunda Studio

   Vignette portrait of white-bearded gentleman

   Vignette portrait of young girl

   Vignette portrait of young man with upturned moustache

   Wedding portrait

   Wedding portrait of Mr and Mrs General Tom Thumb

   Wedding portrait: bride's hand upon groom's shoulder