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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Boys bathing, sheep on hillside at rear

   Boys bathing, sheep on hillside at right

   Bridal portrait, side table between subjects

   Cattle market?

   Children in hobby garden

   Christmas tree within church interior

   Coles and Thomas, land and estate agents

   Davenport Arms Hotel

   Eudunda football club

   Eudunda main street?

   Figures gathered loosely at front of cottage

   Four boys in water, hat laid `on bank at left

   Four figures by creek, two with fishing poles

   Four men standing at water's edge

   Gentleman riding in thee horse cart

   Gentleman riding in three horse wagon

   Group gathered at grandstand, eucalypts at rear

   Group gathered at grandstand, eucalypts at rear

   Group of four in studio setting, baby in carriage in foreground

   Group of swimmers posed at water's edge

   Group of women and children gathered on verandah of stone house

   Group portrait of brass band members

   Group portrait of five subjects, woman with small child at centre

   Group portrait of four elderly subjects

   Harvesting field, child atop machinery at right

   Harvesting field, child atop machinery at right

   Harvesting wheat

   Harvesting wheat

   Herd of cows on hillside

   Large group gathered at maypole

   Large group gathered at train

   Large group portrait

   Large group portrait, roof of building disappearing

   Little girl wearing white cap, boy at side

   Machinery in shed

   Machinery in shed interior

   Man beside cart emblazoned with 'Eudunda Farmers Cooperative Society'

   Man with Clydesdale horse, water tank at left

   Men gathered at thatch roof structure, tents at left

   Men gathered at wheat stack

   Men gathered at wheat stack

   Men gathered in and around horse and carriage

   Men with horses travelling through field

   Outdoor group portrait, sitters with books in hand

   Outdoor group portrait, two windows in facade at rear

   Photographic print of panoramic view against lace curtain

   Photographic reproduction of a paper print depicting group portrait of band set against stone facade

   Portrait of bespectacled woman

   Portrait of gentleman seated in photographic studio, cigarette in hand

   Portrait of small child seated in wooden chair

   Portrait of two gentlemen in photographic studio

   Portrait of two girls by cloth covered table

   Portrait of woman riding side saddle pinned to wood panels

   Portrait of young man in front of open book

   Railway extedning diagonally from foreground to background, eucalypts at left

   Reproduction of photograph by H. Thwaites, Eureka flag flying at right

   School portrait set against stone facade, open window at rear

   Sheet music

   Shop interior

   Studio portrait of a woman, arm resting on stool

   Studio portrait of baby atop plinth, pot plant at rear

   Studio portrait of bespectacled woman, hair drawn back from face

   Studio portrait of boy with decorated buttonhole, tromp l'oeil window at left

   Studio portrait of child, with wide ruffled collar, on stool

   Studio portrait of four children gathered at open book

   Studio portrait of four children, fur skin in foreground

   Studio portrait of gentleman wearing spotted tie

   Studio portrait of gentleman wearing turtleneck, waistcoat and jacket

   Studio portrait of little boy at open book, plant at right

   Studio portrait of small child atop side table, pipe in mouth

   Studio portrait of small child with cat

   Studio portrait of three children

   Studio portrait of three women

   Studio portrait of three young women

   Studio portrait of two little boys, one seated in small chair

   Studio portrait of two small children atop table

   Studio portrait of two women embroidering at table

   Studio portrait of two young women, open book on table

   Studio portrait of woman beside Lord's Prayer

   Studio portrait of woman wearing blouse and miniature portrait at neck

   Studio portrait of woman, little girl with open book at side

   Studio portrait of young boy, fingers interleaving book

   Studio portrait of young man wearing bow tie

   Studio portrait of young man wearing frock coat, crucifix at chest

   Studio portrait of young man, hand resting on chair back

   Studio portrait of young woman, magazine held in hands

   Sunday school group gathered by church

   Three tier wedding cake

   Timber stack, house at right

   Two girls beside baby in carriage

   Two men beside Weisner & Co. machinery

   Two people riding in horse and trap

   Veritas sewing machine

   View of Eudunda

   View of Eudunda?

   View of road, wooden fence palings at right

   View of rural township

   View of rural township, woman and small children in foreground

   View of small rural township, barren earth in foreground

   View of stockyards, Euduna

   View of stone buildings, hillside ascending at left

   View of township, woman with small children in foreground

   Wagon laden with wheat bags at Pfeiffer Bros.

   Wheat bag stack, pipes in foreground

   Woman with two children in ploughed paddock, tree in middleground

   Work team labouring on railway line