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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   Adelaide General Post Office

   Baker standing beside horse and cart laden with bread

   Band playing on oval, grandstand in background

   Bridge in middleground, hillside ascending in distance

   Catholic chapel, Gawler Town, 1851

   Centennial Building

   Church altar, faux lilies at left and right

   Church altar, figure of Christ at centre

   Church building enclosed by stone fence, road in foreground

   Church building, Norfolk pine at entrance

   Church building: entrance stair at left, hill ascending at right

   Church interior, altar in distance

   Church interior, windows at rear

   Church interior, wooden pews lining aisle

   Church interior: pulpit at right, white light enveloping altar

   Congregation gathered at gate of church

   Cottage surrounded by pepper tree leaves

   Creek running swiftly, bed of pebbles at right

   Crowd gathered at oval, band on platform in foreground

   Dirt road flanked by fence posts, township in distance

   Distant view of township, fence palings throughout middleground

   Elevated view of street

   Elevated view of street, procession in progress, church building in distance

   Eleveated view of street, church building in distance

   Enactment of a religious ceremony

   Enactment of a religious ceremony

   Exterior of church building

   Exterior of church building, bench at right

   Figures by stone building, eucalypt trees in foreground

   Figures by stone building, eucalypt trees in foreground

   Figures gathered on street at Broadbent & Co. store

   Figures on bridge over creek running swiftly

   Figures stading atop horse drawn cart, Australian, British and American flags flying

   Five Cyldesdale horses, man at left, house at rear

   Four figures by stone building, eucalypt trees in foreground

   Four figures gathered at door

   Four figures on verandah of stone house, picket fence at right

   Four men beside brick building, wrought iron lacework at crest of roof

   Four women and dog on entrance stair to house

   Gawler main street as seen from balcony window

   Gawler rail station?

   Gawler town band, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Gawler town band, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Gawler town band, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Gawler town band, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Gawler town band, tromp l'oeil screen at rear

   Gentleman driving horse and carriage, pepper tree in middleground

   Gentleman wearing straw hat riding in horse and cart

   Girls dressed as angels against tromp l'oeil screen

   Group gathered at building site, wooden arch at right

   Group gathered at door of stone building, three children and dog on plaid blanket in foreground

   Group gathered at reservoir

   Group gathered by door, little dog in foreground

   Group of children in street

   Group portrait of children, newly confirmed

   Group portrait of eight women set against stone facade

   Group portrait of nine men set against stone facade

   H. Dean baker & co.

   Herd of horses, eucalypt trees at rear

   Horse and cart crossing bridge, body of water in foreground

   Horse and cart crossing bridge, pines on bank at right

   Institute building

   Interior of hall as seen from stage

   Interior of hall set with tables and chairs, flags on wall at left and right

   King William Street

   King William Street

   King William Street

   Large group gathered by body of water

   Large group on and beneath cliff, children walking on sand at left

   Large group portrait, band at left, sprawling eucalypt at rear

   Large stone building, crucifix atop roof at right

   Large stone house surrounded by trees, fence extending diagonally across foreground

   Large stone house with entrance stair, lawn in foreground

   M. Duffy, general store

   Man and child in horse and trap, woman in distance at left

   Man beside bridge, eucalypt trees in distance

   Man beside horse, cart emblazoned with advertisement for Nestle 'Swiss Milk

   Man beside horse, cart emblazoned with advertisement for Nestle 'Swiss Milk'

   Man wearing cap beside fire truck

   Man wearing straw boater hat in horse and cart, baker at left

   Man wearing straw boater hat in horse and cart, baker at left

   Men against fence at side of church

   Murray Bridge?

   Nurse Greenslade's Cottage Hospital

   Nurse Greenslade's Cottage Hospital

   Opening of the Gawler Bridge

   Outdoor group portrait set against stone building

   Outdoor group portrait, gentleman poised to drive carriage at rear

   Outdoor group portrait, gentleman poised to drive carriage at rear

   Outdoor group portrait, sitters assembled along stone stairway

   Outdoor group portrait, some sitters with racquets and bats

   Oval, grandstand at right

   Oval, grandstand bearing banners in middleground

   Over exposed portrait of three women with dog

   Party of six in rowing boat, trees in distance

   Procession of children

   Profile of male horse, eucalypts and fence palings in middleground

   Reservoir from elevated perspective

   Reservoir, eucalypt saplings in foreground

   River boat, eucalypt branch descending at right

   Road leading to Church of England, Gawler

   Rotunda and gardens, hillside ascending at right

   Row of figures on bridge in distance, running creek in foreground

   Rowing party leaving shore, reflections in water at right

   Soldiers gathered at church building

   Soldiers gathered at church building

   Statue of James Martin

   Statue of Queen Victoria, Victoria Square

   Street decorated with garlands, flags and 'Advance Australia' banner

   Street parade

   Street parade, banner at right

   Street scene, clock tower at left of middleground

   Street scene, Gawler

   Street scene, laundry soap sign in foreground

   Talunga Hotel

   Tennis party, blanket laid in foreground

   Three figures at entrance gate to stone building

   Three firemen, helmets hanging at rear, boots against wall at left

   Three firemen, two upon South Australian brigade vehicle

   Three women beneath lattice arbour, tea cups in hand

   Three young men at gate of church

   Two figures with three bicycles against fence, house in distance

   Two horse trap in motion

   Two horse trap on grassed area at left, others in distance

   Two men in horse drawn cart, another on balcony at right

   Two men traversing creek bridge

   Two men with four small children on verandah of stone house, barren yard in foreground

   Two woman and a little boy in horse and trap

   Two women, one seated, in garden setting

   View of Adelaide

   View of bridge flanked by trees

   View of bridge, dirt road in foreground

   View of bridge, wooden row boats moored at right

   View of church building obscured by trees, fence in foreground

   View of church, congregation gathered at right

   View of church, haystacks in middleground

   View of church, Norfolk pine at entrance

   View of creek, branches of eucalypt tree extend throughout foreground

   View of creek, bridge in middleground

   View of creek, cow in water at right

   View of hotel, autioneer at left

   View of houses, hills in distance

   View of oval, spectators in stands in middleground

   View of oval, spectators throughout middleground, buildings in distance

   View of railway station?

   View of river, group gathered near tents in foreground

   View of township from hillside road

   View of township, tram running on track in foreground

   Welcome to Gawler

   Wheat bag stack

   Woman riding in horse and trap, man wearing staw boater at side

   Woman riding in horse and trap, man wearing straw boater at side

   Woman, girl and small child in horse and trap, stone villa at rear

   Young man with horses, thatch-roof stable at rear

   Young woman and boy on verandah of house, screen of eucalypts at rear