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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:


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   James Taylor's photographic studio

   Portrait of a family with six members

   Portrait of Arthur Francis?

   Portrait of baby in christening gown

   Portrait of baby wearing white smock, atop fur skin chair cover

   Portrait of boy wearing double breasted jacket

   Portrait of little girl, hand atop book

   Portrait of seated woman and standing man

   Portrait of two men within faux outdoor setting

   Portrait of white bearded gentleman, seated

   Portrait of woman wearing tiered dress with fringing

   Portrait of woman, arm against back of chair

   Portrait of woman, carte de visite in hand

   Portrait of woman, hand resting against cheek, open book upon table

   Portrait of woman, leaning against chair back

   Portrait of young family

   Portrait of young man, hand resting on thigh

   Portrait of young woman with flower in hand

   Portrait of young woman, arms folded across chair back

   Portrait of young woman, hands folded

   Post mortem portrait of little boy

   Vignette portrait of bearded gentleman with black ribbon tie

   Vignette portrait of bearded man with oiled hair and ribbon tie