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Australian :: Photographs pre 1920    Gordon Darling

Titles by the artist:

TILBROOK, attributed to H H

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   Black saplings and bleached tree trunk

   Boats in harbour, waves breaking at left

   Body of water in distance, ferns prolific throughout foreground

   Burra mines?

   Bush vista

   Bush vista with dark sapling and white road

   Bush vista with sapling ascending, eucalypt descending

   Bush vista with saplings in foreground

   Bushland, body of water, indistinct ferns in foreground

   Carriage travelling on unsealed road, Clare Main Street in distance

   Collection of buildings viewed from pastoral land

   Creek scene without horse and two men

   Devil's Creek, far north

   Dry creek bed

   Figure eight shaped pool of water

   Figures among reeds

   Flinders Ranges

   Flinders Ranges?

   Flinders Ranges?

   Four adults and four children in bush setting

   Girl in white under eucalypt tree

   Gray's Hotel

   Gray's long view

   Group gathered on bridge, man with shovel below

   Group portrait of Henry Tilbrook and family?

   Group portrait of Indigenous people in unknown location

   Gully with trees

   Hallett post office and telegraph station

   Hills with trees


   Horse and covered cart

   Horticultural show at the old town hall, Clare

   Horticultural show at the old town hall, Clare

   House viewed from river bank

   House with four people posing by fence

   Long view of river house with fence post in foreground

   Man and giant eucalypt

   Man on hill with winding road

   Man using fallen tree to cross pool of water

   Man with horse and covered cart under tree in paddock

   Mist and rocks

   Norseman shrubs

   Norseman shrubs

   Overexposed group portrait of Tilbrook and others at tea

   Overexposed studio portrait of Henry Tilbrook, unidentified man at left

   Overexposed view of scene in Flinders Ranges?

   Overexposed view of Wilpena Range?

   Overexposed view of Wilpena Range?

   Overexposed view of Wilpena Range?

   Paddocks, hills and river in distance

   Peak, Wilpena Range

   Photographic reproduction of paper print depicting Port Augusta Aborigines

   Picnic party in bush surrounds

   River curve with tree stump

   Road and fenced property

   Rock face and white rock on water

   Rock face with Yakka plant

   Roses at horticultural show, old town hall, Clare

   Scrub land

   Sea and industry

   Single moored ship in harbour

   Snow covered landscape, house flanked by eucalypts in distance

   St Mark's Church, Penwortham

   Still life with pheasants and wine bottle

   Stone buidling with gothic style windows

   Street scape

   Tent pitched in bushland near water's edge

   Three buildings on a fenced property with wagon and winding road

   Three men with dogs and carriage, body of water in middleground

   Topographic view of hills dotted with trees

   Town viewed from hill

   Travelling cattle on the way from Queensland to Hawker

   Trees and tree stump

   Two boats

   Two boats at Port Adelaide

   Two men with hats by fence, house in view

   Two men with horse at creek

   Two women in foreground, hills ascending in distance

   Two women pose against a stone ruin

   View of Clare, St Michael's in distance

   View of Clare, St. Michael's at left

   View of Clare, St. Michael's in distance

   View of Clare, St. Michael's in distance

   View of Clare, St.Michael's at right

   View of Elder Range

   View of tree lined drive


   White eucalypt and water

   White rock face on water

   White roofed house among trees

   Woman in white underneath tree

   Woman overlooking rural township

   Wood slab hut with stone chimney

   Yappala and Elder Ranges, near Arkaba