detail: AES+F, Allegoria Sacra, 2011, video still images. © AES+F Courtesy Triumph Gallery, Moscow

10 – 13 March 2017
Botanic Park
Free with WOMADelaide ticket       

WOMADelaide 2017 presents The Art Gallery’s Allegoria Sacra by the internationally celebrated artist collective AES+F, screening live nightly in Botanic Park.

This moving image work offers a potent allegory of modern life. Comprised of thousands of digitally animated photographs and backed by an immersive musical score, Allegoria Sacra is inspired and named after a painting by the Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini, which is believed to represent purgatory.

AES+F exploit stereotypes throughout the work to question the value of contemporary civilisation. Signs of capitalism and the aspirations of a consumer society are overtly displayed through designer brands and in contrast to the ‘ethnic’ dress and essential belongings of people from developing nations.


detail: AES F, Allegoria Sacra, 2011, video still images. © AES F Courtesy Triumph Gallery, Moscow


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