Sketch coffee artist

"I've been making coffee for just over two years now. I have a variety of passions such as art, fashion, photography and of course coffee. I started sketching in coffee around six months ago and started doing this because some days, you just wonder what kind of art you can do in lattes. From then on I wanted to show off and use my sketching as a gift to my customers -  I wanted to surprise them and make them notice this isn't just your usual latte art. Seeing people's reaction was funny to begin with merely because they had to have a second look and gasped at what they saw. As I progressed and got better at sketching people really appreciated the effort I had gone to.  For me coffee isn't just coffee - it's personal and I strive to make the best coffee each and everyday. I love what I do and all I want to do is share my passion. The combination of making coffee and meeting people makes me happy."  Bryan J Astley

  Have a look at our Sketch Coffee Artist, Bryan, in action at the AGF+W.

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