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Daalder Cover (002) tn

To have and to hold: The Daalder Collection of Contemporary Jewellery

Rebecca Evans with essays by Julie Ewington and Dr Lisa Slade

Flexibound edition, 192 pages, 182 colour illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-921668-35-7

In 2017, the Art Gallery received a generous donation of 161 outstanding examples of jewellery from private collectors, Truus and Joost Daalder. The collection traverses 100 years of art jewellery and includes work by art nouveau master René Lalique through to Vietnamese-German contemporary artist Sam Tho Duong.

Beautifully illustrated, the publication invites an intimate encounter with works of art designed to be worn on the body and celebrates bold experimentation and rampant creativity. Included are three essays that investigate themes around groups of works, a number of focussed essays on individual works and an interview with the collectors.
RRP: $34.95
Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Thames & Hudson

  Tarnanthi Book Cover OZ2Y8776_1


Nici Cumpston and various specialists

Paperback, 256 pages, 247 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-921668-32-6

This lusciously illustrated book features all of the artists on display at the Art Gallery of South Australia, as well as artists in city-wide partner exhibitions. Works of art and portraits of the artists are among the illustrations in this publication.

This is a comprehensive record of the major exhibitions that comprise TARNANTHI: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in 2017.

RRP $44.95
Distributed through Thames & Hudson

          Rodin for Shop

Versus Rodin: bodies across space and time

Leigh Robb

Hardcover, 228 pages, 300 illustrations
ISBN 978 1 921668 30 2
This comprehensive book features rich full-colour illustrations of works by Auguste Rodin and the scores of modern and contemporary artists included in the exhibition, as well as illuminating essays detailing Rodin’s life, work and enduring legacy. It’s a must-have for lovers of sculpture and contemporary art.

RRP $49.95
Distributed through Thames & Hudson

     Sappers Book Cover SRGB small

Sappers & Shrapnel: contemporary art and art of the trenches

Lisa Slade, includes essays by Richard Flanagan and Nicholas J. Saunders

Hardcover, 212 pages, 263 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-921668-28-9

This book brings together historic examples of trench art made by sappers and other artisans at war alongside the work of contemporary artists. 

Contemporary artists include Tony Albert, Olga Cironis, Nicholas Folland, Brett Graham, Fiona Hall, Richard Lewer, Alasdair McLuckie, Baden Pailthorpe, Ben Quilty, Tjanpi Desert Weavers and Sera Waters.

RRP $49.95
Distributed through Thames & Hudson

      2016 Biennial cover (2)

2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art:
Magic Object

Lisa Slade with essays by Ted Snell, Gemma Weston, Sebastian Goldspink, Craig Judd, Lisa Havilah

Hardcover, 176 pages, 190 colour illustrations
ISBN 978-1-921668-26-5

The book discusses and illustrates the work of the following artists: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Glenn Barkley, Chris Bond, Pepai Jangala Carroll, Tarryn Gill, Louise Haselton, Juz Kitson, Loongkoonan, Fiona McMonagle, Danie Mellor, Clare Milledge, Tom Moore, Nell, Ramesh Mario-Nithiyendran, Bluey Roberts, Kate Rohde, Gareth Sansom, Robyn Stacey, Garry Stewart and the Australian Dance Theatre, Jacqui Stockdale, Heather B. Swann, Hiromi Tango, Roy Wiggan, Tiger Yaltangki and Michael Zavros.

RRP $49.95

Distributed through Thames & Hudson

  Yvonne Koolmatrie Cover

Riverland: Yvonne Koolmatrie

Nici Cumpston, Hetti Perkins, John Kean and Yvonne Koolmatrie

Paperback, 160 pages, 99 colour illustrations,
9 black & white artist photos

ISBN 978 1 921668 24 1 

Riverland charts the decades-long practice of the renowned Ngarrindjeri weaver, Yvonne Koolmatrie.

With essays by esteemed curators Nici Cumpston, John Kean and Hetti Perkins, an autobiographical text by the artist and an extensive bibliography, Riverland is a landmark publication honouring the pioneering work of Yvonne Koolmatrie.

RRP $34.95
(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Publications are listed alphabetically by title

A Beautiful Line

A beautiful line: Italian prints from Mantegna to Piranesi

Maria Zagala (2010)

144pp, 72 colour illus, 119 bw illus

Spanning from the mid-fifteenth century to the end of the eighteenth century, the book highlights some of the major printmakers of the period from Andrea Mantegna to Giovanni Battisa Piranesi. The publication is richly illustrated, and includes a checklist of around 116 works, a glossary and bibliography.

RRP $19.95

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)

Colouring Book Animals

Animals: Colouring book

ISBN:978 1 921668 029

32pp,17 colour illust, 17 line illust

Take your children on a journey of colour and wonder and learn about works of art in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia. Animals, available now, is the second in a series of colouring books. Line illustrations are shown alongside reproductions of works of art and simple text focuses the child¹s attention on aspects of the paintings.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)

Anne Newmarch

Ann Newmarch: the personal is political

Julie Robinson (1997)

ISBN 0 07308 3046 paperback

64 pp, 14 colour illus., 102 b&w illus.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson) 


Anna Platten

Tracey Lock

Hardcover, 292 x 292 mm, 132 pages, lavishly illustrated

ISBN 978 1 921668 13 5

The most comprehensive survey of the great Adelaide-born figurative painter Anna Platten. The first monograph to be written on Platten it highlights the artist’s unique position in Australian contemporary art. The illuminating essay on the artist’s oeuvre by the Gallery’s curator, Tracey Lock, and its magnificent illustrations provide the foundation for further research on Anna Platten.

RRP: $50

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)

Anthony Hamilton cover

Antony Hamilton: The Mythology of Landscape

Sarah Thomas (1999)

ISBN 0 7308 3051 9 paperback

32 pp, 9 colour illus., 6 b&w illus.



Arid Arcadia cover

Arid Arcadia: Art of the Flinders Ranges


Alisa Bunbury (2002)

ISBN 0 7308 3021 7 hardback

208 pp, 85 colour illus., 150 b&w illus.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)   


Art of Arnhem Land

Art of Arnhem Land: 1940s–1970s

Tracey Lock-Weir (2002)


8 pp, 9 colour illus.


Australian Colonial Art cover

Australian Colonial Art: 1800–1900

Ron Radford and Jane Hylton (1995)

ISBN 0 7308 3017 9 hardback

ISBN 0 7308 3009 8 paperback

216 pp, 127 colour illus.

RRP AUD $30 hbk; $15 pbk

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)



Beneath the winds: Masterpieces of Southeast Asian art from the Art Gallery of South Australia

James Bennett (Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide)

290 x 248 mm, 252 pages, full colour throughout, 144 illustrations

ISBN 978 1 921668 07 4

This lavish publication features 100 spectacular masterpieces of art, encompassing stone and wooden sculpture, textiles, ceramics, gold and silverwork, and paintings, from the Art Gallery¹s collection. The works cover 2000 years from prehistoric times until the twentieth century and originate from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Philippines. They document the extraordinarily rich and diverse heritage of Southeast Asian art ranging in styles from ancient Javanese stone statues, extravagant Balinese carvings, Islamic decorative arts and gold Buddhist images.

RRP: $30

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)



Bounty: Nineteenth-century South Australian gold and silver

Robert Reason

Silver vinyl hardback, 300 x 248 mm, 132 pages, full colour throughout, 204 illustrations

ISBN 978 1 921668 12 8

Bounty: Nineteenth-century South Australian gold and silver celebrates the creativity and tenacity of South Australia’s colonial artisans, including John Pace, C.E. Firnhaber, Julius Schomburgk, Henry Steiner and J.M. Wendt. This handsome volume examines different aspects of nineteenth-century society through such items as the communion silver used in churches, the 1885 Adelaide gold pound, Friendly Society medallions, civic ceremonial regalia and presentation objects for important citizens and sporting events.

RRP: $25

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Colonial Sisters

Colonial Sisters: Martha Berkeley and Theresa Walker

Jane Hylton (1994)

ISBN 0 7308 3072 1 hardback

108 pp, 42 colour illus.



Cresent Moon

Crescent Moon: Islamic Art & Civilisation in Southeast Asia

James Bennett (2005)

ISBN 0 7308 3030 6 hardback

304 pp, 243 colour illus., 6 b&w


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Five Centuries of Genius

Five Centuries of Genius: European Master Printmaking

Julie Robinson (2000)

ISBN 0 7308 3004 7 paperback

152 pp, 13 colour illus., 54 b&w illus.



George French Angas

George French Angas: South Australia Illustrated

Rebecca Andrews (2006)


8 pp, 8 colour illus.



Gladys Reynell cover

Gladys Reynell: The Most Delightful Thing on Earth

Robert Reason (2006)

ISBN 0 7308 3054 3 paperback

144 pp, 262 colour illus., 8 b&w illus.

RRP AUD $19.95

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Goodbye to the City of Dreams cover

Goodbye to the City of Dreams: Ivor Francis An Autobiography

Ivor Francis (2004)

ISBN 0 7308 3006 3 paperback

296 pp, 20 colour illus., 39 b&w illus.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Heysen cover sm

Hans Heysen

Rebecca Andrews (2008)

ISBN 0 7308 3031 4 paperback

ISBN 0 7308 3023 3 hardback

Also available in a limited edition, slip case with inset canvas and gold blocking

144 pp, 214 colour illus., 10 sepia illus., 2 black & white illus.

This book celebrates the work of Hans Heysen, South Australia’s best-known artist. In addition to his well-known landscapes that celebrate the monumentality of the Australian gum tree, the book reappraises his lesser-known work, tracing its development from his early student days painting in Europe between 1899 and 1903.

RRP AUD $59.95 hbk, $39.95 pbk, $100 limited edition

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


  AGSA_Highlights Cover

Highlights: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Collection: Art Gallery of South Australia

Nici Cumpston

Hardcover, 320 x 245 mm, 80 pages, 102 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-921668-21-0

Principally a picture book, this publication showcases works by artists from across Australia. It gives a broad introduction to the extraordinary diversity and breadth of the Art Gallery of South Australia’s collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

RRP: $24.95

(distributed by Thames & Hudson)


Inspired Design: Decorative Arts from Europe and North America

Robert Reason (Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide)

290 x 240 mm, 252 pages, full colour throughout, 150 illustrations, 7 black and white illustrations

ISBN 978 1 921668 06 7

Inspired Design presents, for the first time, treasures from the European and North American decorative arts collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia in this scholarly and sumptuously illustrated book. Rare, beautiful and sometimes quirky objects have been selected from a 500 year span and cover ceramics, textiles, metalwork, furniture, jewellery and glass. Examine the Gallery¹s particularly rich British collection that includes an Elizabethan Standing salt, Thomas Tompion Clock, Chelsea porcelain toys and a unique William Morris collection. Or discover the Gallery¹s icons of the 20th century with work by Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Marcel Breuer, Gerrit Rietveld and Ettore Sottsass.

RRP: $30

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)

James Cant & Dora Chapman

James Cant & Dora Chapman

Jean Campbell (1995)

ISBN 0 947349 18 9 hardback

160 pp, 138 colour illus., 44 b&w illus.

Published by The Beagle Press



John Glover cover

John Glover and the Colonial Picturesque

David Hansen (2003)

ISBN 0 9750545 1 1 hardback

312 pp, 296 colour illus.



MJM Carter Collection cover

M.J.M. Carter Collection

Rebecca Andrews, James Bennett, Jane Hylton, Tracey Lock-Weir,

Jane Messenger, Robert Reason (2006)

ISBN 978 0 7308 3062 7 paperback

136 pp, 80 colour illus.

RRP AUD $20.00


Morris & Co

Morris & Co.

Christopher Menz (2002)

ISBN 0 7308 3029 2 hardback

88 pp, 138 colour illus., 29 b&w illus.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Morris & Co - Designs and Patterns

Morris & Co. Designs and Patterns

Robert Reason (2003)

ISBN 0 7308 3037 3

64 pp, 33 colour illus., 39 b&w illus.



Mortimer Menpes

The World of Mortimer Menpes: painter, etcher, raconteur

Julie Robinson

Hardcover, 310 x 240 mm, 438 illustrations

ISBN 978 1 921668 19 7

Adelaide-born Mortimer Menpes was an important Australian expatriate artist who worked in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This publication is the first to consider Menpes’s whole oeuvre and his contribution to British art. It presents new scholarship from leading Menpes’ scholars from around the world and illustrates key works from public and private collections in Britain, the United States and Australia for the first time.

RRP: $49.95

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Netsuke and other miniatures

Dr Jennifer Harris 

Hardcover, 220 x 220 mm, 180 pages, 330 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-921668-20-3

This charming book features the themes of auspicious animals, myths and legends, beliefs and superstitions, and everyday life, reflecting the vast diversity of subjects depicted in netsuke and okimono. With over 300 illustrations, this book is an in depth view of these delightful Japanese miniature carvings.

RRP: $34.95

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)

No Convicts there

No Convicts There: Thomas Harding's Colonial South Australia

Max Carter (1997)

ISBN 0 7316 9387 6 paperback

336 pp, 27 colour illus., 24 b&w illus.

RRP AUD $21.95

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


  Patricia Piccinini book cover

Patricia Piccinini 

Jane Messenger (2011)

148 pages, Large format 400 x 300 mm full colour throughout, 194 illustrations.

ISBN 978 1 921668 05 0

Patricia Piccinini: Once upon a time... is an exquisitely illustrated and lavish coffee-table book which surveys the career of one of Australia's pre-eminent contemporary artists. It is the first major book on Piccinini and is designed to reflect the scale and detail of her varied practice. The large format book is presented in a customised carry satchel.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson) 


Patricia Piccinini colouring book cover

Patricia Piccinini Colouring-in book 

Large format, 32 pages. Full colour images printed alongside line illustrations.

ISBN 978 1 921668 09 8

RRP $5

(distributed through Thames & Hudson) 


People: Colouring Book

People: Colouring book

ISBN 978 07308 3063 4 paperback

32 pp, 18 colour illus., 16 line illus.

Take your children on a journey of colour and wonder and learn about works of art in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia. People, available now, is the first in a series of colouring books. Line illustrations are shown alongside reproductions of works of art and simple text focuses the child¹s attention on aspects of the paintings.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Persia and Beyond

Persia and Beyond: Islam and Asia

Dick Richards (1997)

ISBN 0 7308 3050 0 paperback

72 pp, 38 colour illus.


(distributed through Thames & Hudson)



Realms of Wonder: Jain, Hindu and Islamic Art of India

James Bennett

Hardcover, 310 x 248 mm, 216 pages, 152 colour illustrations

ISBN 978-1-921668-16-6

A superb introduction to the richly diverse art of India from the eighth century to the present day. This magnificent book is the first Australian publication to explore the spiritually inspired art of the three main religions of India – Jainism, Hinduism and Islam. It beautifully represents the many exquisite works of art, from paintings and sculptures to textiles and decorative art objects – some of them rarely or never previously seen in public. It also includes enlightening essays from nineteen specialist scholars and writers from India, Europe, North America and Australia.

RRP: $49.95

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


  Reflections of the Lotus

Refections of the Lotus: Ceramics of Thailand 

James Bennett (2010)

16pp 22 colour illus

RRP AUD $5.00


South Australia Illustrated: colonial painting in the Land of Promise

Jane Hylton

Leather bound hardcover, 300 x 248 mm, 276 pages, full colour throughout, 260 illustrations

ISBN 978 1 921668 08 1

Attractively bound in dark leather, silk screened and gold foiled, South Australia Illustratedis sure to become a collector’s item. The book explores the development of South Australian nineteenth-century painting from the commencement of colonisation in 1836 through to Federation in 1901. It offers new insights and new research into this often, overlooked aspect of Australia’s art history. The publication focuses on South Australia’s nineteenth-century art scene through its three key periods: 1836 to the early 1850s; the 1850s to the 1880s; the 1880s to 1901 and Federation.

RRP: $60

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Lionel Lindsay

The art of Lionel Lindsay: prints, drawings & bookplates

Alisa Bunbury (2002)


6 pp, 8 b&w illus.



The Golden Journey cover

The Golden Journey: Japanese Art from Australian Collection

James Bennett and Amy Reigle Newland (2009)

ISBN 0 7308 3047 0 paperback

348 pp, 552 colour illus., 8 b&w illus.

This major book explores the astonishingly rich heritage of Japanese art, from prehistoric times until Japan opened its doors to the West at the commencement of the Meiji period (1868–1912). Lavishly illustrated it reveals the rich heritage of Japanese art held in Australia’s major public and private collections. Serene Buddhist sculptures, spectacular painted screens, miniature netsuke talismans, colourful Ukiyo-e images of the ‘floating world’, costumes, masks, armour and flamboyant export art created for Australia’s late nineteenth-century international exhibitions are all included in celebration of the profound lyricism and sophisticated eloquence of Japanese aesthetics.

RRP AUD $50 pbk

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)



The photography of H.H. Tilbrook: South Australia at the turn of the century

Alicia Bunbury (2001)


8 pp, 10 b&w illus.



The Story of the Elder Bequest cover

The Story of the Elder Bequest: Art Gallery of South Australia

Ron Radford, Fayette Gosse, Angus Trumble, Jane Hylton, Christopher Menz, Sarah Thomas (2000)

ISBN 0 7308 3075 6

160 pp, 36 colour illus., 3 b&w illus.


Treasures (hardback) cover

TREASURES: Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Various (1998)

ISBN 0 7308 3027 6 hardback

ISBN 0 7308 3019 5 paperback

184 pp, 193 colour illus.

RRP AUD $20 hbk

(distributed through Thames & Hudson)


Treasure Ships Catalogue FINAL-1

Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices

James Bennett, Russell Kelty

Eighteen essays by International and national experts: Robert J. Del Bontà, Fr Jeremy Clarke, SJ, Bruce Carpenter, Wayne Crothers, Richard L. Wilson, Carol Cains, Judith Heaven

Hardcover,  320 mm deep x 240 mm wide, 352 pages, over 300 illustrations

ISBN 9781921668227

The book presents the complex artistic and cultural interactions between Europe and Asia from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries - a period known as the 'Age of Spices'. It reveals how the international trade in spices and other exotic commodities inspired dialogue between Asian and European artists, a centuries old conversation whose heritage is the aesthetic globalism we know today.

It includes nearly 300 outstanding and rarely-seen works of ceramics, decorative arts, furniture, metalware, paintings, prints and textiles from public and private collections in Australia, India, Portugal, Singapore and the United States.

RRP $64.95 (special in store exhibition price $54.95)

TP book web

Trent Parke: The Black Rose

Trent Parke, Julie Robinson, Maria Zagala

Hardcover, 240 x 320 mm, 168 pages, over 200 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-921668-23-4

The Black Rose represents the culmination of seven years of work for internationally renowned Adelaide photographer Trent Parke. In his quest to uncover his memories of his mother and childhood, Parke photographs details of the natural world and incidents from everyday life. These take on greater significance and symbolic meaning, which he builds to create a complex narrative. The Black Rose, produces a meditation on life¹s journeys and explores the way the past infiltrates the present, and in turn can influence the future.

RRP: $150



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